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Musician Energy Mutodi will today release a D for his latest album “Chidhedhedhe”.

The exciting videos were shot in Harare and surrounding areas and the musician believes the new release will go a long way in complementing insightful lyrics on his album.

“Chidhedhedhe” was released in May and has been receiving fair airplay on radio stations, especially National FM. Mutodi said he decided to complement his audio release with a D to give his fans a full package of his creativity.

“The album has been received well and we want to complement it with videos. Most of the videos were shot in Harare and the scenes are exciting,” said Mutodi.

“We have done many popular videos before and we hope this D will also be popular. We are giving out many free copies on Monday (today) when the D is released because we love our fans. They would rather get free copies of the original album than buy pirated copies to benefit unscrupulous dealers that milk musicians every day.

“We will soon be resuming live shows to promote the album. I have engaged talented instrumentalists and this album is one of our best. We want to thank fans that have stood with us through thick and thin and we want them to know that we will be on stage soon. This D will give them an idea of what we have in store for them.”

Some of the tracks on the new offering include “Runyararo”, “Zvishorokodwa Zverudo”, “Nyasha” and the title track “Chidhedhedhe”.

On “Runyararo”, the musician aocates peace within the nation. The track implores leaders and would-be leaders to always respect different views and to always promote peace. And, in the same song, leaders are urged to respect the people that put them into power, and to never take them for granted.

“Chidhedhedhe”, which means a loved one, is a song that implores friends, relatives and colleagues to always look out for each other even in times of hardships.

The track shows how misfortune on a single individual affects a chain of people that are dependent on the affected character.

“Zvishorokodwa Zverudo” is a love song which dwells on predicaments that young ladies face in the process of waiting for their loved ones to finally put a ring on their figure. In the song, the woman tells the boyfriend that she is exposed as he is taking long to ring-fence his territory.

Also, related to this love theme is the track titled “Nyasha” which narrates challenges faced by married women as men keep on proposing love and tempting the women.

Source : The Herald