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STANLEY Mutoya, the former general manager of the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee, has fired a broadside at Zimbabwean hockey administrators for bringing back Mark Manolios into mainstream administration of the sport. Manolios (75), one of the most respected sports administrators in Zimbabwe, was recently elected president of the Hockey Association of Zimbabwe, taking over the hot seat in the sport that he has served for more than 50 years.

Manolios is widely-regarded as one of the doyens of hockey in Zimbabwe, having served the sport for more than half-a-century as a player, coach and administrator.

At the weekend, Manolios told our sister paper The Sunday Mail that he will use his 50 years of experience in hockey to revive the sport in Zimbabwe and indicated that he was capable of taking back local hockey to the top table once again.

In the new HAZ set-up, he will lead an executive that also comprises vice president Humphrey Chigwedere, Sarah Bennett (secretary-general) and treasurer Neil Evans.

Other members of the HAZ executive are Nicola Watson, Bill Birkett, Tongai Mukwewa, Prince Mwale and Pauline Ndlovu.

“So Hockey Association of Zimbabwe has a ‘new’ president.

“He wants to take hockey to glory days of yesteryear by reviving schools, bringing teams from Australia and Asia and wants ‘someone’ to ‘bring back our stadium’,” Mutoya said

“Sorry colleagues for sounding like a paranoid sadist but I think the three Rs are best restricted to environmental conservation — Recycle, Re-use and Reduce.

“Are there no vibrant young administrators out there? I’m not blaming the elected. I’m just questioning the system,” Mutoya said.

Mutoya, who is now based in Gaborone, Botswana, where he is the general manager of the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa (Zone VI), also took a dig at former Zimbabwe Rugby Union technical director Liam Middleton.

Middleton announced his sudden resignation last Friday as the association learnt he had been appointed as Canada’s sevens rugby coach.

“I’m watching sports news on ZTV and was shocked to hear the outgoing Zimbabwe Rugby Technical Director castigating lack of transparency at ZRU.

“I think that is a very unfortunate comment and regrettable too. I’m just wondering whether that is a professional and responsible comment from a National Sports Association TD to comment on behalf of a whole national federation.

“Making such a negative comment at one’s exit is regrettable and in my view has far reaching negative consequences on the future proposed sponsorship and partnerships for ZRU.

“I think a TD can and should not pass such devastating comments on strategic matters concerning an organisation.

“I therefore wonder if our TD in his infinite wisdom understands corporate governance and responsible leadership.

“Get me right, I’m not saying poor governance should not be dealt with. I’m just thinking aloud,” Mutoya wrote on his Facebook wall at the weekend.

Source : The Herald