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She and He, a theatrical collaboration between Edzai Isu Theatre Arts Project (Zimbabwe) and Daughters of Yamaya Collective (United States) proved why it won three awards at the April International Theatre Festival held in Lusaka two weeks ago.

By Zimbabwean standards, the play ushers in a new dispensation where directors of plays are implored to make use of different facets on set to enhance production.

It’s opening at Standard Theatre on Friday morning left audiences struck by both its engaging storyline and extensive use of stage space.

The play’s plot explores an interesting mindset where ideas meet reality while forcing the audience to think in terms of paradigm shifts.

The play is a fascinating story of conflict between identity and dreams.

Set in Boston, the play sifts through various issues that include politics, poverty, love, deception and fear of displacement.

While the husband, “He”, played by Everson Ndlovu, is a Zimbabwean who holds his homeland in disdain due to the troubles befalling it, “She”, played by Getrude Vimbayi Munhamo, yearns for a chance to live in Africa.

She expresses intense emotions in trying to convince her husband of the dangers of raising their unborn child in America where she feels enslaved.

“He” on the other hand, paints a picture of how she would struggle if she were to relocate to Zimbabwe due to lack of services.

However, it is her voice of reason which in the end prevails over his fears, resulting in him granting her wish of giving birth to their child in Zimbabwe.

Co-director Joy Wrolson said the play started as an online collaboration until March when they finalised the script after being accepted for Hifa in November last year.

She said the Zambian experience was overwhelming as they received a warm welcome.

“It was overwhelming how well- received the play was, how excited we were with the play because we had had a very tight rehearsal schedule and we were only convinced that we had a good show. We did not know that we had a great show until we saw it in Zambia with an audience,” she said.

“It was so much fun to see its first audience in Zambia. We got best production, best directors, and best sound.”

She said she was impressed with the theatre productions that she has seen at Hifa this year.

“I am very impressed with the calibre of production that I have been seeing at Hifa and it is so good to be able to see the multiple theatre shows as it gives me ideas. It truly gives me ideas, either on how to further develop She and He, or how to collaborate with a larger group of people.”

Muzondo said the play had been quite an engaging experience

Source : Zimbabwe Standard