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IN a bid to prepare for the swimming season, Mwana Swim School has upped the tempo by introducing holiday lessons for children of all ages.

The swimming school has seen several swimmers taking to the pool and they are hoping to produce professional swimmers in the near feature.

Top instructor at the school, Sharon Freeman, said children have joined in the fun of learning to swim during this school holiday.

Freeman said their target is not only to teach children how to swim but also to prepare them in making swimming a career and probably to be the next Kirsty Coventry.

“Children can have access to a safe, high quality swimming and water safety programme,” said Freeman.

“We all need g awareness about the dangers associated with water activities.

“Swimming is good for several reasons like rehabilitation and we start training kids at a tender age.

“We have several people who come here to swim and they are happy with the progress and most of the participants end up joining clubs and, hopefully, we will have another Kirsty Coventry from here.

‘Schools need to understand the importance of swimming and I believe when the season opens the kids will have learnt a lot.”

Mandipa Ndoro has been with the club for six months and is happy with the progress she has made so far.

Ndoro is eight years old she could barely walk, because she was paralysed, but swimming has helped her.

“I have been with the club for six months and I am progressing very well the good thing is I am getting on well with the basics.

“I think swimming is good and I am happy that I am developing very well and will soon be going to deep end,” said Ndoro.

The coach said Ndoro’s progress has been stunning.

“Ndoro could barely swim when she joined coaching lessons but now she is one of the best swimmers,” said Freeman.

“When you look at HIV patients, swimming benefits them a lot, people with blood pressure, swimming brings it right down because it helps their blood circulation.

“We have been helping some schools and Dru Smith, who is my assistant coach, is going to Marbelreign Girls to teach swimming.’

Source : The Herald