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A man is at loggerheads with his wife who visited a traditional healer in Mozambique in the company of another man who is their next door neighbour, the Harare Civil Court heard on Wednesday. Nelson Mlambo claimed his wife Gladys was having an extra marital affair with their neighbour. Gladys was seeking a protection order against Nelson whom she was accusing of being in the habit of physically and verbally abusing her.

“He doesn’t want me to go to work or to see me talking to anyone whether male or female,” she said.

Gladys told magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that Mlambo was denying her access to even go outside their house.

“If he saw me talking to someone he starts accusing me of engaging in witchcraft or prostitution and goes on to physically abuse me,” said Gladys.

Gladys pleaded with Mr Nyatsanza to grant her application, saying Mlambo was breaching her peace.

Mlambo denied the allegations levelled against him by Gladys and accused her of cheating with their next door neighbour.

“She once visited a traditional healer in Mozambique with a married man who is our next door neighbour and I suspect they are sleeping together,” he said.

Mlambo told the court that Gladys was also demanding her own lobola from him when her relatives who are supposed to do that are still alive.

“She is forcing me to give her money for her lobola while her relatives are the ones whom I am supposed to give,” said Mlambo.

Mr Nyatsanza dismissed Gladys application due to lack of merit and ordered the couple to go home and solve their marital problems amicably.

Source : The Herald