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Newly appointed patron, Barbra Mzembi has said her coming aboard the Harare International Carnival Trust ship will bring positive changes to the annual event.

A former model, fashion designer, chemist by profession, micro biologist by training and businesswoman, Mzembi said she would be using her skills to make the event bigger and better. Her tenure in office runs for the next three years.

“It is unfortunate that there is not much time but I intend to involve myself fully in the few days leading to the carnival. This year’s edition is going to be better because I have so much to offer in terms of developmental ideas,” she said.

Mzembi is also using the opportunity to work with young women that will participate in the Miss Carnival peagant.

She is eager to tackle sexual abuse, a rife issue in modelling. She hoped to educate girls that they can reach further by using their brains not bodies.

In that respect she is engaging successful women that can motivate the finalists during their boot camp.

“The 22 girls that will take part in the pageant will have an opportunity to speak to influential women about success. Beauty alone is not enough and one can achieve so much by working hard and not use their bodies to get to where they want,” she said.

The patron has started working on getting the pageant to be screened live on local television. By this she is trying to reach out to the girls that are not part of the fete.

“Only one girl will be crowned queen on the night but it is my hope that all of them go back with a different perspective on success. Even the ones at home should have an opportunity to learn and be motivated,” she said.

Besides being wife to tourism minister Walter Mzembi, Babra has made a name through her involvement in fashion and humanitarian work.

Through her former company, Evano Creation she worked with designers to create different types of gowns.

She also held fashion shows to promote her brand and upcoming designers.

She also said she is part of volunteers that assist in mobilising resources for the disaantaged members of the Spanish community. It is her upcoming project – the Babra Mzembi Foundation – that will be taking most of her time.

Inspired by her brother, it will encourage people to help and not just talk about the plight of people living with disability.

“The foundation will be for special citizens and it came about from the experiences with my brother who is mentally and physically disabled,” she said.

Source : The Herald