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National Arts Council of Zimbabwe has warned unregistered music promoters against holding events illegally. According to the arts governing board only 51 promoters as of April 30 2015 were registered with them. NACZ communications and marketing officer Cathrine Mtombeni said those caught promoting arts without licences will face the music.

“It is important to say that should a personcompany or institution be caught promoting the arts in Zimbabwe without a licence, Council will report that organisation to the police for possible prosecution for breach of Statutory Instrument 87 of 2006 which states in Part IV (4) that, ‘No arts promoter shall operate in terms of regulations without being registered’,” she said.

She said they are making sure that the public is educated on the requirements in the promotion of arts in Zimbabwe through the media and various social network platforms.

“We make use of our Facebook platform to communicate the requirements and benefits of registration.

“We work with the law enforcement agencies to enforce the NACZ Act and attendant legislations, organise meetings with communities, media and artists that deal with issues of registration,” she said.

Mtombeni said in addition, Council uses events and other platforms at its disposal to inform the public on registration requirements. Recently, musician Tryson Chimbetu had a wrangle with a bar owner in Dotito who is not registered with the arts council.

Tryson had not performed at the bar owner’s show and the case was reported to the police before the two had an out of court settlement.

Mtombei said they deal with such cases if they receive reports or evidence of breach of their act.

“It is true that as NACZ we read about Tryson Chimbetu and a man from Dotito in the media.

“However, in the absence of a report or evidence of breach of the NACZ Act, the council is unable to act on the issue,” she said.

Source : The Herald