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NATION building is a fallacy in Zimbabwe as long as the government is led by Zanu PF, Movement of Democratic Change (MDC) leader, Welshman Ncube has said.

Speaking Thursday at a round table discussion organised by Bulawayo Agenda, Ncube said everything the former liberation movement stands for, is a negation of nation building.

“Nation building in this country as constituting the development of a nation state where each one of us, each ethnic group feels bound by common citizenship, feel our Zimbabweaness, feel we have a stake in perception and in reality to the fortunes of the country, where our common citizenship binds us together in accepting our national symbols, our national flag, our national anthem and our history.

“Nation building, in creating a nation state of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans with a common allegiance, a common identity. Nation building is creating a nation of free, prosperous citizens. I dare suggest that is impossible during the tenure in government of a political party called Zanu PF,” said Ncube.

He added: “Everything they stand for is essentially a negation of nation building.

“We might joke about President Mugabe saying Kalangas are petty criminals, they are uneducated and indeed part of our problem as a people is our ability to find humour in issues and matters which must make us angry.”

Professor Ncube said if it was anywhere else in the world, Mugabe’s jibe at Kalangas “would have far reaching consequences because it is a sort of statement which basically destroys a nation.”

President Robert Mugabe angered the Kalanga community when he said they are uneducated and behind petty crimes in South Africa, while addressing a press conference in Harare in April after a special Sadc summit on the xenophobic attacks that rocked South Africa.

Ncube said for nation building to be a reality there was need for political processes and political parties with a commitment to building a nation state.

“These processes are totally absent in Zimbabwe and we as a people now have such low expectation, everyone thinks they are to blame for their own predicament.

“We need a huge paradigm shift and it is our responsibility to make sure that that paradigm shift takes place,” said the former industry minister.

Speaking on the state of the Africa, the MDC leader said the problems faced by the continent were largely of a political nature.

“Africa’s problems are not absence of wealth or absence of the capacity to extract our resources to improve our livelihoods, I think our problems are largely political

” It is these political problems that have failed to build firm foundations for democracy which account for the many wars that you see in Africa,” he said.

The roundtable discussions are set to continue next week, with MDC Renewal secretary general Tendai Biti, Zapu president Dumiso Dabengwa and Zanu PF politburo member Dr Sikhanyiso Ndlovu lined up.

Source : New Zimbabwe