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THE opposition MDC-T party says Zimbabwe now urgently needs a care-taker government after President Robert Mugabe, who turned 91 last month, revealed that he was tired at the weekend. Below is the full statement issued by party spokesman Obert Gutu …

SPEAKING at the Kutama Centenary Celebrations in Zvimba on Sunday, March 22, 2015, Robert Mugabe openly admitted that he is tired. As if that was not enough, he also stated that he was worried and overworked. The people of Zimbabwe are living in virtual political and socioeconomic bondage as a direct result of the ruinous economic and political trajectory that Zimbabwe has taken over the past 35 years, with Mugabe at the helm. The old man is now 91 and he is clearly past his prime. Most certainly, Zimbabwe has no shortage of younger and more capable leaders who are able to take over from the ailing nonagenarian.

Robert Mugabe is not only the President of Zimbabwe after rigging himself back into power during the sham elections that were held on July 31, 2013. He is also the SADC and AU chairperson. Surely, it is tragic for Africa to burden the old man with such onerous responsibilities when he is in the sunset of his life.

The MDC is hugely concerned by Robert Mugabe’s frequent absence from Zimbabwe. Whilst the economy continues to nosedive and the public health delivery system has literally gone to the dogs, we have a President who is now permanently domiciled aboard an Air Zimbabwe jet as he hops from one foreign destination to another. It is high time that Robert Mugabe is called to order. It’s either he chooses to enjoy his favourite pass-time of flying around the globe or he stays put at State House in Harare and work very hard to ensure that Zimbabwe’s comatose economy is brought back to life. Mugabe cannot and indeed, he should not have it both ways.

While it is apparent that age has finally caught up with Robert Mugabe, the MDC, as Zimbabwe’s largest and most popular political party, would like to remind Mugabe that he is still free to take the statesman-like decision of immediately stepping down and retire to Gushungo Estates.

The MDC is a civilised party of excellence that promises to do absolutely no harm to a 91 year-old man who would have retired in order to save his country from continued economic decline and political paralysis. Unlike the fascist and terroristic faction of Zanu PF that is led by Robert Mugabe, the MDC is a people-centred political organisation that will not persecute and harass Mugabe should he choose to immediately retire and retreat to Gushungo Estates.

Zimbabwe is at the cross-roads. The majority of the people are living in penury and grinding poverty. The current rain season has been erratic and it is now pretty obvious that millions of Zimbabweans will be in need of food relief starting from the end of May, 2015. The Zanu PF regime is totally bankrupt and it is clearly unable to raise the money that is now urgently required to import maize in order to avert massive starvation throughout the country.

If the truth be said, there is a compelling need for the entire Zanu PF administration to immediately step down in order to give way to a caretaker administration that will ensure that the impending mass starvation is averted and also that the necessary conditions for the holding of a free and fair election are put into place. The biggest challenge facing Zimbabwe today is the lack of political legitimacy. We have a renegade and insipidly corrupt regime that can only drive Zimbabwe into a socioeconomic and political hell-hole.




Source : New Zimbabwe