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PROFESSOR Lovemore Madhuku’s National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) candidates for two upcoming parliamentary by-elections say they are confident of posting an upset in the March 27 polls.

Speaking in separate interviews with NewZimbabwe.com this week, Munashe Mutodza who is gunning for the Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe seat and Reuben Mafigu (Mount Darwin West) felt intense squabbling within Zanu PF and the MDC poll boycott would likely tilt the scales in their favour.

Mutodza, a 43 year old Zimasco assistant fitter, is up against Auxilia Mnangagwa who is favoured to clinch the seat left vacant through the elevation of her husband to Vice President December last year.

But the NCA politician said he was not intimidated by the profile of his main challenger who has received massive support from the highest authority in the land.

“I have done my homework. I am a son of the area having once been MDC chairman for the area for years. I feel it within me that l will win the seat,” Mutodza said.

Mutodza said his bid to land the coveted seat would be boosted by the likely support of MDC supporters who feel let down by their party’s unpopular decision to shun the process, perhaps their only possible opportunity to express their disgruntlement towards Zanu PF.

He added: “Taking it from Morgan Tsvangirai’s sentiments that, as opposition parties, we must support each other, MDC supporters may somewhat also take part in the poll.”

Looking to replace her husband … Auxilia Mnangagwa with husband Emmerson

Similarly, Reuben Mafigu, 47, feels he can snatch the Mount Darwin West seat previously occupied by ousted VP Joice Mujuru.

“People are attending our campaigns and receiving our messages well and we look forward to the election,” he said.

Mafigu, a subsistence farmer, says he is confident of a win as “people in Mt Darwin constituency no longer want Zanu PF because they have been lied to for a long time”.

“If voted into parliament,” he adds, “l will work towards fighting corruption in the area and try to champion the construction of more secondary schools here which are few the roads are also poor, these are my priorities.”

Regarding the MDC absence he said, “It’s an aantage to us because all MDC supporters know that NCA policies may not be so different from those of their party and would naturally find themselves voting for us.”

Mafigu is up against Zanu PF’s Barnwell Sereme and two other candidates.

The nomadic MP aspirant was a Zanu PF activist from 1995 to 2008 before switching allegiance to the opposition MDC up to 2013, the time he found a new home in NCA.

Source : New Zimbabwe