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THE MDC party led by Welshman Ncube has slammed the move by Morgan Tsvangirai to recall from Parliament “rebel” legislators saying the decision was be tantamount to donating the seats to Zanu PF.

“The MDC-T’s recent attempts to recall 21 MDC Renewal (legislators) from Parliament is one of those incomprehensible decisions which can make sense only to a group of drunkards …

” … given that the both MDC-T and MDC Renewal have resolved not to participate in any by- elections and that the question of which of the two formations is the legitimate MDC remains pending before our courts of law and is therefore sub judice,” the MDC said in a statement Monday.

Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, is expected to rule Tuesday on the application by the MDC-T to have the Renewal Team legislators recalled.

The 21 legislators were part of the revolt against Morgan Tsvangirai’s leadership after the party’s disastrous performance in the 2013 elections.

They have since formed the rival Renewal Team group and are working to form a united party with Ncube who also ditched Tsvangirai during another split in 2005.

Ncube’s party said the recall bid was ill-conceived especially after the MDCs decided not to participate in any new polls until reforms are implemented to ensure credible elections.

“Politically, in an environment where following the theft of the 2013 elections, democratic opposition parties have said that they will not participate in any by-elections it makes no sense for the MDC-T to seek the recall of any MPs since such would be tantamount to donating the seats to Zanu PF,” the MDC said.

Ruling Zanu PF party legislators have also backed calls by Tsvangirai for the ejection of the “rebel” MPs, a development Ncube’s party said shows “the sinister agendas that are now at play”.

“Is it not curious that Zanu PF has now joined the fray in Parliament on the side of Morgan Tsvangirai and demanding the expulsion of the Renewal MPs?

“The leadership of MDC-T must ask themselves why it is that Zanu PF is now fighting their case and cause in Parliament,” the MDC said.

The statement adds: We have always said that MDC-T are an extension of Zanu PF and this latest move proves this beyond doubt.

“We are shocked, but not entirely surprised that MDC-T would much rather work in the interests of Zanu PF than for justice and democracy in Zimbabwe.”

Source : New Zimbabwe