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Last week we saw how forgiveness unlocks God’s favour in one’s life. Today, I will talk to you on how negativity drains God’s favour. This is something that if you are not careful about, you will miss the favour of God in your life and lose what was supposed to be yours.

The good marriage you desired, the promotion, the happy family, the growing church, the thriving finances, the best results and goals you are aiming — can all be blocked by these things!

However, be of good courage, you will not miss it, but make it and prevail over every trap, hindrance and obstacle of the enemy in 2015. May is your month and your time — a month to glow in the Lord’s favour.

Favour is on your way!

“Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for draught. And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net”, Luke 5:4.

From our text today we hear the conversation of Peter and Jesus. The Lord has finished using Peter’s boat and instructs him to launch out into the deep and let out his nets for a catch.

Peter begins to explain how much they had toiled all night and caught nothing, but nevertheless would hid to the word of the Master.

Here is the first thing you need to watch out on your way to favour — doubt. To unlock the favour of God you must be able to trust and believe the Word of God. You really have to be careful because many have lost great opportunities here.

Marriages, companies, jobs, careers, churches, visions, dreams and many great ideas have flown down the drain due to this huddle. For favour to work in your life you need to believe and trust the Word of God.

The fact that it has been declared a season of favour and mega grace don’t think the enemy will sit down and fold his hands, No.

The enemy will come and try you. But here is wisdom for you, don’t negotiate or discuss with the enemy! When the devil begins to question about your marriage, your promotion, your children, your blessing, your miracle — just hit back and say, “Shut up in Jesus name!”

Jesus didn’t want to negotiate when at one time Peter being used of the devil tried to stop him from dying on the cross.

He said to Peter, “Shut up get thee behind me Satan!” At times the enemy will whisper in your thoughts. At such instances don’t hesitate to open your mouth alone in your house and say, “Eh eh, shut up devil!” It’s allowed to talk alone in times like these.

Don’t just sulk and eat the negativity of the devil, you have a mouth, fight back. You will be fighting warfare, O hallelujah! The month of May is your month!

When doubt and negativity knocks on your door, fight back! Stand on the Word of God. Say to yourself I know that I know that things are going to get better.

When you believe you have to believe the person who spoke the word. When you know who it is then you trust the person concerning the Word.

Trust the Master for his word for you this fifth month! Peter when he was told to launch his nets, though difficult he trusted the words of the Master and said, “Nevertheless at thy word . . .” and acted on it.

You also need to understand that favour is either drawn or drained by what you hear. Be very careful of what you hear. Don’t just allow anything to enter your heart.

For example you may be told by a relative who is into witchcraft and charms, “You will not see tomorrow!” When something like that happens, don’t fear. Fear drains favour, but faith emboldens and keeps favour.

There is a kind of faith that draws favour, like the one that saved Esther and the Jewish race from the evil plan of Haman.

When they tell you, you are dying say I will not die I will live to declare the works of the Lord. Death is not my portion!

Be careful of what you hear. You see, sometimes negative talk comes silently in your mind or at times comes with a messenger. The person will say “Eh zviri kufamba here kuno?” (Are things well with you?). Before you quickly divulge and talk about your life, church, family or finances you say “Ah no, let’s hear about you first?” And they say, “nothing is moving.”

Then you say, “Ah you shall have whatsoever you say! Zvangu zviri kufamba! (My things are moving!)”

Be wise and careful in conversations, be it at work, in the house or in the bus going home. Don’t talk negative — it drains the favour of God! Also understand that your mind is the battleground.

Be careful of what hits your mind. Your mind could be saying to you now that you fasted beginning of January so what did you get? Today its 2 May, 4 months are already over and you feel there is nothing for you in the year! Friend, don’t you worry about that battle of your mind. Let me tell you this, from the first day of the year whatever you were doing you were sowing.

In life sometimes you don’t just sow and reap the next day. Two things have to happen to the seed. It has to die and it has to grow. Unless a seed dies nothing happens. O I like it, I like it. Be of good courage, your seeds are growing — walk in the favour of God.

You didn’t waste the past four months, you were sowing, strategising and planning — watch out for you favour in May the 5th month.

Five is a number of grace in the Bible! For with God all things are possible, Mark 10:27.

Source : The Herald