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NESTLE Zimbabwe says a growing export market and the re-introduction of new product lines will spur the company’s performance this year. In an interview with The Herald Business last week, Nestle managing director Mr Kumbirayi Katsande said the company will this year restart production of Milo and Maggi soup. “We are coming back with Nido already on the market and we are bringing back Milo and Maggi. We have to be innovative all the time,” he said.

Mr Katsande said Nestle will explore more markets in the region as demand continues to increase.

“Our export markets are mainly Zambia, Malawi, Botswana but now we are going back to South Africa. The market is growing,” he said.

One of the challenges for exporters is the strength of the United States dollar compared regional currencies and this is making local producers uncompetitive.Mr Katsande urged Government to implement policies that encourage local and foreign investment into the productive sectors of the economy.

He said cheap imports were “a big challenge” to local producers.

“We are affected by the imports but we need to find a way to be competitive and build g relationships with customers,” Mr Katsande said.

Source : The Herald