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Zimdancehall music genre seems to be the in-thing for most young musicians from the ghettos and the tide has also swept across a foursome from Glen Norah who are going by the trade name TZeeT.

The ambitious chanters have released a 13-track singles’ compilation with the title-track Champion and all their songs have the same signature intro of their band’s name.

At its infancy in December 2012, the trio of Tapiwa “Tamuka Pablo” Mukandi, Munyaradzi “Ziggy Fire” Bwerinofa and Obrien “Try” Rusike, met and decided to come up with the name TZT, from the initials of their nicknames. In February 2013, the group had a new addition in Patrick “Baluba” Jubane. The leader of the group Mukandi told The Herald Entertainment that they are planning to come up with an album soon.

“My real name is Tapiwa Mukandi but I use the stage name Pablo and I am the leader of our group, TZeeT Entertainment, which hails from Glen Norah.

“We are into Zimdancehall just like most of the new groups from the suburbs and our aim is to take our music to a higher level. Personally I was inspired by artists like Winky D on the local scene and internationally, it was Sizzla and Buju Banton.

“So were at the infancy stage of our career but have managed to record 13 singles and one video,” said Mukandi.

The video for the song “Sandura Ngoma” was shot in Mbare and it is a party song that attempts to recognise the new outfit while the other track is “Kana Wazvitanga”, which urges people to finish whatever projects they would have initiated, instead of letting their dreams suffer stillbirth.

“Waenda” is a lamentation by a boy over a girl who has decided to call off their relationship while “Kakandijuma” is typical ghetto stuff of a guy who impregnates and the girlfriend elopes to him.

There is also a gospel track — “I will Never Sell Myself” — where TZeeT glorifies God and vows never to sell their souls to the devil while songs like “Ramba Uchiwaina”, “Hatisikudzorera Hondo” and “Simudza Ruoko” make up the compilation.

“Ours is a youthful group and I am turning 23 in May. At the moment we are holding a few shows, especially in our neighborhood of Glen Norah and Mbare.

“Chill Spot and Gunhill in Mbare are some of the studios we have used to record our music and we also have Laprosy Records in Glen Norah,” said Mukandi. TZeeT’s major breakthrough has been getting deals to perform at road shows for a soup manufacturing company but Mukandi, believes their better days lie ahead.

Source : The Herald