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The local mbira sector is characterised by traditionalist and elders who are out to preserve the local culture through music. However, the genre welcomes new faces in the form of talented youthful sisters Chenai (17) and Nyarai (25) Chaendera.

The rising artistes have the same cultural preservation values and the depth of their music is evident of this.

“We are a new generation in music but our focus lies in preserving our culture. It is who we are as a people and anyone who dismisses this as evil or backward is ill-informed. We are proud of who we are and where we come from.

“Every song of ours reflects that,” said Nyarai.

The duo is riding on the success of new singles, “Ruvara” and “Ndega Musango”. The songs are taken off their upcoming album “Ruvara” that is due for release at the end of this month.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, they said the love of traditional music runs deep in their veins.

“We have a deep appreciation of our culture although we strike people as hardcore urban girls. It emanates from the days that we used to participate in traditional ceremonies together with our grandmother in Mhondoro. We were so good at singing and dancing that people remember us to this day,” said Chenai.

While the models-cum musicians have made an impressive entry on the scene, one cannot help but hope for consistency in their future projects.

“Music is sacred to me and when I write, it comes from a deep place in my heart. I look at my life experiences especially in songs like “Ndega Musango”.

“Although I use idioms and figurative language, I am basically talking about being vulnerable in my life while fighting predators that come in the form of bad people and haters that are out to destroy me.

“That helps to keep our music traditional,” she said.

A sample of the eight track album brings hope for a new age in Zimbabwean music.

Songs that are off the upcoming album include “Kare”, “Kuenda Mbire”, “Muroora”, “Zimbabwe”, “Ndiwe Wandaida” and “Nguva”.

Listeners cannot help but be reminded of the late great Chiwoniso Maraire, whom they say is their major inspiration.

Source : The Herald