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FREDA Rebecca Gold Mine, a subsidiary of Alternative Investment Market-listed Mwana Africa Plc intends to set up a new gold processing plant as part of its phase three growth strategy. The mining company recently commissioned a new plant as part of its phase two which propelled production to 100 000 ounces from the annual 60 000 ounces that were produced by the previous set up.

Freda Rebecca however hopes to propel its gold production target to a record 120 000 ounces of gold per annum after establishing a third milling plant at the mine.Mwana Africa is therefore looking at strategies to increase gold output at its flagship gold mine with a significant plan being put in place also to maximise returns at Bindura Nickel Corporation.

Freda Rebecca general manager Mr Toindepi Muganyi confirmed the development. “We intend to install a third mill which will propel our production to 120 000 ounces of gold per annum. Our previous intention was to move from 60 0000 ounces (two tones) of gold to 100 000 ounces (three tones) and we have achieved that figure,” said Mr Muganyi.

“We are planning to come up with a new plant as part of our phase three but at the moment the company is looking on how to raise the capital required to start the project.”

Freda’s multi-pronged strategy includes considering opportunities offered by third party players feeds from areas around Freda Rebecca Gold Mine.

The gold mining company has also built a tailings plant for the pilot treatment of gold dumps.

“Progress has also been made on the evaluation of the economic potential of Freda Rebecca’s tailings dumps including commencement of construction of a pilot,” said Mr Muganyi.

About $2 million was invested towards the construction of the pilot plant which will have a positive impact on the company’s returns if successful.

He said the objective of the pilot scale test plant is to prove that gold can be recovered economically from the tailings with little reprocessing and low mining and handling costs.

Source : The Herald