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The appointment of Zimbabwe’s new Vice-Presidents, Cdes Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko together with the new ministers elicited varied reactions from Zimbabweans. Most people welcomed these executive placements as a progressive gesture by Government while the usual pessimistic quarters of detractors registered their displeasure and disapproval of the Cabinet reshuffle.

The detractors dismissed the new Government appointees as “recycled deadwood” or “old wine in new bottles”. The sense being that the same politicians have allegedly been in Government since independence with no positive impact.

The criticism even become apocalyptic and scary with some analysts saying President Mugabe has brought in “hardliners” who are harbingers of a more repressive system that would likely erode the people’s rights.

Politicians like Vice-President Mnangagwa, who are apparently at the forefront of calling for an end to capital punishment and pushing for democracy in Zimbabwe, are surprisingly branded “hardliners” with the alleged intent of constricting the country’s democratic space.

In the misguided melee, newspapers ran with doom-filled headlines such as, “Cabinet reshuffle fails to impress”, “Is Zim doomed to fail?”, “ZANU-PF purge bad omen for rights” and “No miracles from a captive Cabinet”.

Others opined that the appointees do not have the executive wherewithal to make any positive changes to the way the country has been governed.

What has apparently evaded the minds of these detractors is that the purge in ZANU-PF that saw the elimination of former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her disgraced acolytes is a game changer and a critical turning point in ZANU-PF that cannot be ignored.

It is a situational case that will have positive and far-reaching effects in the running of Government and the party.

It is a moment that captures the entrance of the First Lady Amai Dr Grace Mugabe into the political field and her utilitarian intervention to save the party from the avaricious shenanigans of the ousted renegades.

Dr Mugabe has proved that she fully complements President Mugabe in a way that had brought the revolutionary party back to its visionary tracks. She became the vanguard of the party and Government, serving to whip into line errant party officials and Cabinet ministers.

Now is the time for the accelerated implementation of Zim-Asset, and with the paradigm shift brought about by the 6th National People’s Congress, it is safe to conclude that significant strides would be made to revive the economy.

Already, President Mugabe has demonstrated that reference to the accelerated implementation of Zim-Asset is not mere rhetoric by ensuring that vacant posts left by the renegades were urgently filled. This is the accelerated pace with which Government programmes and policies are likely to be executed.

Contrary to the bleak predictions by prophets of doom, we are likely to see Government assiduously pursuing the deals it entered with China and Russia.

Given that ZANU PF and Government have ejected political miscreants who have become stumbling blocks to the effective implementation of Zim-Asset, the country is most likely to see the fruition of the ChinaRussia under the auspices of the Zim Asset programme.

It cannot be denied that the troublemakers had abandoned their national posts to focus on peripheral and destabilising political objectives to topple President Robert Mugabe.

When the misdirected politicians decided to dedicate most of their time to the backstabbing drive to unseat the Head of State and Government by any means necessary, they were substantially derailing efforts by Government to rebuild the economy.

By expelling the reprobates, President Mugabe has demonstrated that he does not condone officials who are corrupt or those who neglect their national duties for political expediency.

All the renewal efforts in ZANU- PF and Government are likely to give birth to a better economy.

The expulsions serve as a lesson to the current ministers and other officials that they will not be spared if they underperform or stray from their national duties.

There is also a lesson that corruption will not be accepted and perpetrators will be ditched.

In fact, fighting corruption to the end should be the first mission of the new government. No stone should be left unturned.

No one should be allowed to engage in corrupt activities while hiding behind Zanu PF.

All the renewal efforts in ZANU- PF and Government are likely to give birth to a better economy.

Source : The Herald