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Upcoming hip hop artiste Joseph “Druce” Mhaka said he got his inspiration from Roki and Mafriq to get into the music industry. The musician released his single “Don’t Stop” which features Roki yesterday and is set to drop a second single featuring Mafriq next week.

In an interview young “Druce” said he is delighted with the show of confidence from the established artistes.

“In the process of mentoring me they agreed to assist me in my coming projects and I am hoping that it will bear fruits,” he said.

“The one that features Mafriq will be released next week followed by several singles before the end of February,” he said.

The young musician started his career at Nyamuziwe High School where he won an award as the overall best performing student in arts.

When he moved to Churchill he could not pursue his career after his parents ordered him to concentrate on his academic pursuits first then launch his career as artist.

It was after his A-Level studies when he met the two Roki and Mafriq who assisted him to record his first single.

“That is how I came across Roki and Mafriq who managed to spur me up,” he said.

With the help of his uncle Justine Mhaka of the “PO BOX Watsomba” fame he managed to write a number of singles.

Druce said he was happy that a number of the singles were approved by his mentors.”We have already finished working on some of the singles that have been approved by the two artists,” he said. He has since taken on board Marshal Makenzi as his manager.

“I have since started performing and I thought it proper to have a manager,” said Mhaka.

He said he is looking forward to work with artists from different genres.

Source : The Herald