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Alick Macheso’s yesteryear hit song “Tafadzwa” is having a lot of spins in down town Harare following the singer’s acrimonious divorce from his estranged wife Tafadzwa Mapako.

The developments between the two seem to have reminded fans of the song that made waves on radio, public functions and live shows.

The song taken off his chart topping album “Ndezvashe-eh” was composed for Tafadzwa before the two got married.

On the song Macheso sings: “Tafadzwa nyarara unyararise, denga rinoziva iro, Tafadzwa nyarara unyararise, vangaite zvavanoda urambe wakanyarara, chero uchiona, uchiziva denga rinenyasha.

“Taridza hushingi mukurarama kwako, uenderere neupenyu hwako kuzvika wasvika . . . ”

Released during happy times when Macheso was head over heels with Tafadzwa, the song comforts and gives hope to a loved one in times of aersary.

But now the tables have turned and it is the Orchestra Mberikwazvo leader who is going through a rough patch due to controversy surrounding the divorce.

Sadder still, Macheso doubts he is the father of the two children with Tafadzwa and he is pushing for speedy paternity tests before he can pay maintenance.

While on one hand, he is struggling to get Tafadzwa to go for the paternity tests, on the other hand he is fighting serious accusations that he used his manhood to treat his first child of sunken fontanelle (nhovainkanda).

However, the “Charakupa” singer has denied abusing his child saying he used a method known as “kutara” for treating the sunken fontanelle on the child.

According to Macheso, trouble began when Tafadzwa realised he would not leave his first wife Nyadzisai as she had anticipated.

He also claimed that Tafadzwa told him in the presence of Nyadzisai that she was no longer interested in the relationship.

Source : The Herald