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“My Right is My Weapon”, a play on child and sexual abuse that premiegravered at the Harare International Festival of the Arts recently, is set to go on international tour as part of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (Assitej) project.

The play got a standing ovation at Hifa after the cast put an outstanding act at the ZB Bank Reps Theatre Upstairs.

“My Right is My Weapon” was written by Lovejoy Mwawoneka and directed by Enisia Mashusha.

It features Stewart Sakarombe, Monica Mukombe, Fiona Mupoperi, Washington Sitshengisiwe Siziba, Spiwe Guwera and Rumbidzai Musarurwa.

Even the new faces in theatre that include dancers Mukombe and Guwera were up to the task in their inaugural big stage acting roles.

Mashusha said the play will soon go on tour of Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Sweden as part of the Assitej’s “Idea to Action” project that involves five countries.

Mashusha benefited from the project when she went for training in Sweden last year which culminated in her debut directorial role at Hifa.

“The play is expected to tour the other four countries that work with Assitej,” said Mashusha.

“We are happy with the response we got at Hifa. It was an amazing show and we are looking forward to more shows even on local stages.

“The Assitej project is really bearing fruits and I am happy with the support we got to come up with this production. We hope when we go on international tour, people out there will appreciate the great talent that we have in the country,” she said.

The play has an emotional storyline but the cast expertly spices it with some comic relief lines.

It is centred on Pamela Moyo, a young intelligent girl whose future is jeopardised by her greedy father.

After doing well at school and receiving a prize of excellence, Pamela goes home expecting to share the good news with her father – her only parent – but all hell breaks loose as the man becomes unexpectedly abusive.

In search of wealth through easy means, Pamela’s father (Misheck) had approached a n’anga who told him to rape his daughter in order to get rich.

Although Misheck does not buy the idea at first, the love for riches pushes him to accept the evil assignment.

He begins to abuse Pamela and rapes her. The young girl’s performance at school declines and her social life becomes miserable.

The play explores various other issues surrounding child and sexual abuse in an informative way.

It was part of the plays that Assitej brought to Hifa and upcoming international tours are set to take the productions to other stages and festivals.

Source : The Herald