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ACADEMIC and political analyst, Dr Ibbo Mandaza, says Zimbabweans should brace themselves for a brighter future to be ushered in courtesy of the “porosity” and “confusion” in the political leadership.

The confusion in government, Dr Mandaza said, was going to usher in a new political dispensation in the country.

“The executive in this country is one of the most porous ever, if you look at the transitional issues we are talking about. It is the most disunited,” Dr Mandaza.

He was addressing local and international delegates attending a policy dialogue meeting assessing the progress government has made in the implementation of the new Constitution, at SAPES Trust in Harare this week.

Dr Mandaza reminded delegates of how President Robert Mugabe and his ZANU (PF) party were shaken by the creation of the National Constitutional Assembly and the subsequent formation of the opposition MDC in the late 90s.

NCA was founded in 1997 and launched the following year while the MDC came into existence in 1999.

“We must remember that the reform process began largely on the back of the push for a new Constitution it is more than 15 years now since the birth of the National Constitutional Assembly.

And it must be understandable that some elements in the state will be resistant, but what is evident on the ground?

“We are on the eve of major changes in this country can you not feel it? Don’t you?”

ZANU (PF) is accused of delaying the implementation of the new Constitution adopted two years ago and has of late threatened to amend the document.

This has attracted attention from human rights organisations and the international community who funded and participated in the constitution making process some five years ago.

The new charter guarantees fundamental freedoms which if implemented could see Zimbabwe emerging as a formidable democracy.

Source : New Zimbabwe