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“Zvoitwa Sei”, a new Shona film is out. The series focuses on people from Manyene communal lands, in Chivhu. The movie, a brainchild of Manyene Chivhu Arts Association was released recently and is set to hit the big screens soon. Muchineripi Rwizi, the chairman of the association said the aim of the movie was to educate the public that there is need to respect our culture.

“Due to rural urban migration, a lot of families have disintegrated resulting in incestuous relationships. Furthermore, a lot of sexual, physical and verbal abuse is being perpetrated against domestic workers. In the play land lord and tenant relationship is also not balanced as most tenants are treated unfairly,” he said.

The screen play written by Leornad Chibamu is set to win hearts of many people since it is based on what happens in real life.

The movie is centred on a story of a young African woman, named “Zvoitwasei” who is from a rural back ground, in Manyene Tribal Trust Lands.

Zvoitwasei migrates to the capital in search for greener pastures where she secures employment as a maid where she takes time to settle because of her g rural background. She then falls in love with Titus who happens to be her cousin.

Out of desperation, Zvoitwasei fakes pregnancy in order to secure marriage but it fails.

The film was shot in both the rural and urban areas.

Source : The Herald