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Afro-jazz artiste Daniel Ngwira is never short of surprises. After causing quite a stir with his conscious single “Ndinewe”, which talked about cancer patients, the crooner is back with another single titled “Denga Ndingapinde Here?”

While “Zvirikumbofamba Sei?” chant was popularised by comedian Uncle Ritchie not many people realised Ngwira had already recorded “Zvinofamba Sei?” as far back as 2005.

It could be that Ngwira’s time hadn’t arrived yet but to those with a patient ear they already saw the making of a star through his well-thought out lyrics. “Denga Ndingapinde Here?” was recorded way before the Tokwe-Mukosi flood disaster and is still relevant today as it was in the past.

So it is hardly surprising that Ngwira featured two versions – there is the Tokwe-Mukosi version and the original one but both versions are the same in terms of production and beat, except for the lyrics. When you listen to the song it is like looking into the mirror and then ask the man in the mirror what he has done to assist those in need, the bereaved and the hapless.

He asks: “Hope ini ndashaya nenyaya yehupenyu, ndichinge ndapedza hupenyu ndichaenda kupiko? Denga ndingapinde here mambo? Kunyina kwangu ini, kunyepa kwangu, iko kufeva kwacho. Vakachema kuTokwe-Mukorsi ndokuchema vachemazve. Zuva nezuva ndinongodya mabiko haaperi. Havana chekudya kuTokwe ini ndichingorasa. Nhamo yeumwe hairamwiri sadza, chokwadi ndazvibata.”

In fact the theme of the song is about the haves and the have-nots. While the flood victims don’t have shelter, food and water, there are those who are lavishing in the comfort of their homes and are not bothered by the plight of those affected by the floods.

The mellow rhythms and the lyrics will make you ask the question what have I done to assist the needy?

Ngwira is not just an artiste who sings about anything. His mission is to make an impact no matter how big or small through music so that people change the way they live or at least better the lives of others. Ngwira is no newcomer on the music scene, having cut his teeth around the turn of the millennium, with the release of “Usacheme”, Ngwira has been around long enough to know the pitfalls, lurking dangers and challenges that face performing artistes.

Source : The Herald