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Seasoned sungura musician Nicholas Zakaria has released his 26th album titled “Rumbidzo”. Zakaria who is confident of the latest album said it was a reflection of his life. The album has six tracks namely “Mwari Anogona”, “Wakakodzera”, “Rudo Runokosha”, “Pane Nyaya” “Mbiri Ndeya Mwari”, and a Chewa song “Pamutanda”. The musician who has since joined Prophet Walter Magaya’s PHD Ministries said he was still the musicians of the old.

“Many people think I have changed my music after I joined PHD ministries but nothing has changed. I just continue with what I was doing,” he said.

The “Tsamba” hitmaker was convinced that the rich lyrics on most of the songs will transform the lives of many people.

“It has been four days since the album it out but I have been receiving calls from people appreciating the message on some of the songs,” he said.

On “Mwari Anogona” the musician praises God for the happiness and the blessings in his life. He says everyone is equal before God on “Wakakodzera”.

He encourages people to love one another on “Rudo Runokosha” in which he castigates those who do not have real love. “Pane Nyaya” is a track that encourages people to repent while “Mbiri Ndeya Mwari” encourages people to be humble.

Last but not least, “Pamutanda”, Zakaria says people should seek God first before anything else.

Born in 1957 at Belgownie Estates in Mazowe Zakaria formed a group called Vhuka Boys with the help of Stephen Chinyani. In 1984, Zakaria left the Vhuka Boys to form the famed Khiama Boys with help of musician Cephas Karushanga, Alick Macheso, System Tazvida and Tineyi Chikupo. As Khiama Boys, they released hit songs such as “Kubva Kure”, “Mabvi Nemagokora”, “Shamiso” and “Mabhauwa”.

Source : The Herald