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A Gutu Johanne Masowe church member, who raped and infected his niece with HIV, tried to frighten his victim against reporting the countless abuses by threatening suicide if she went on to report the matter, a local court heard this past week.

It is further alleged that Nomore Chokore, 44, would also force himself on the niece as punishment for not doing her home chores.

Chokore appeared before Gutu magistrate Nyasha Vhitorini facing charges of raping his 22-year-old niece several times and infecting her with the disease.

Appearing for the state, Agatha Gabriel told the court that the complainant (name withheld) was left at home in the company of his uncle in November last year by Chokore’s wife who works in Jerera.

The court further heard that Chokore took aantage of his wife and children’s absence to abuse his niece.

The complainant told court that Chokore was used to raping her in the afternoon for not preparing lunch for him or for failing to perform any of her other chores.

“Each time I failed to complete a task he would call me in his bedroom and rape me, he even said he loves me so much to the extent that he would kill himself if I revealed the abuse,” the complaint told the court.

She further told the court that she could not stomach the endless abuses and early this year, had to escape to her brother’s place in Gweru where she narrated the experience.

It is then that she got aised to go for HIV testing and was found to have contracted the virus.

Chokore was remanded in custody to June 7 for trial continuation.

Source : New Zimbabwe