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Nine-year-old Junior Mwase, who is by far the country’s youngest published author hosted a book signing ceremony for his first book in Harare recently.

The Selborne Routledge Primary School Grade Three pupil wrote a book titled “The Book Of Life” that shares some simple life lessons on character and conduct for kids.

Young Mwase’s book has been published by Innov8 publishing.

Speaking at the book signing Innov8 publishing marketing manager Ronald Mapamula said their organisation is passionate about local authors.

“Our interest is not only in books but the industry as a whole. This includes supporting local authors because we believe it’s our duty to scout for such talent and help them grow by day, the corporate world should also associate itself with celebrating and supporting our own talents,”said Mapamula.

In an interesting discussion with Junior, Cool Lifestyle learnt that the young author got inspired by his imaginations.

“I just imagine things from everything I see and what I hear in my everyday life then I make up a constructive debate that leads me to my writings, it works all the time,

“I wake up, eat well and prepare for school like any other child and when I get home in the afternoon I sit to write everything new I would have learnt that day.” said Junior.

Junior said he does everything according to his parents, school and his own time table.

“I love our family they support me, especially my mother who makes sure I am picked up at school on time and that I do my homework all the time,

“I have time to play football with my friends too and then I dedicate the other time to my writing,”he added.

The youngster said that he is working on a life time project that will see him writing more books in the future.

“I am writing my second book now and I hope that the first book will help people my age grow in some of the areas like to be forgiving, importance of friendship and others I identified.”said the young author.

According to Junoir’s mother, Mandy Gusha, the youngster is the brightest among her two sons.

“He sometimes takes aantage of his brother’s quietness. He tells me that he has time to play, time to work and time to do other activities as opposed to his brother who stays glued to the television all weekend,”she said.

She said her son is a passionate writer inspired by his teacher.

“He got his inspiration from his teacher and is now passionate about everything that he writes, he loves it and he is already working on his second book.”she added.

Copies of “The Book of Life” are now available at number 12 Arundel Village with efforts to distribute them to bookshops countrywide being made by the publishers.

Junior Mwase has also written a story book for six to eight-year-olds and a colouring book for pre-school children.

He also shares the same fame with award winning Deborah Harkness’s enchanting series of “The Book of Life” published by Viking Adult in July 2014.

Harkness’s novel became the best seller in the UK by August this year.

Source : The Herald