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MDC Renewal Team interim leader Sam Sipepa Nkomo has dismissed claims by embattled party treasurer Elton Mangoma that the breakaway group now faced a split after unnamed party hawks were now using violence on potential competitors for party leadership.

At a hastily convened press briefing he called to deny adultery sensational accusations against him last week, Mangoma alleged he was the target of a plot by a group of unnamed party rivals to sully him image.

The former energy minister is said to be involved in a battle for control of the party with party secretary general Tendai Biti ahead of the MDC Renewal’s congress sometime this year.

He further claimed that some party leaders had gone behind everyone’s backs to propose a merger with a Zanu PF faction operating as People First.

But Nkomo, who doubles as the Renewal Tean’s national chair, denied his party was on the verge of a split and any plans to merge with expelled Zanu PF members.

“I really do not know any issues to do with People First. We have never in our meetings discussed anything about People First and they are not on the agenda even for the next meetings,” Nkomo told NewZimbabwe.com weekend.

Asked if the fledgling party was on the verge of another split, Nkomo denied that.

“… I do not know what he (Mangoma) could be talking about so he is the one who is supposed to explain but me as chairman I do not know anything about

that,” he said.

The former water resources minister said his party was still too busy with its reunification plans with the MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube and its impending congress to worry about People First.

During his press briefing, Mangoma also revealed there was a rift between himself and Biti but declined to elaborate.

“It has not been as cordial as I would like it to be,” Mangoma quipped when asked about the state of his relationship with Biti.

Nkomo denied any knowledge of a rift between the ring leaders of the MDC-T breakaway decision April last year.

“Again, I do not know about the rift between Mangoma and Biti,” he said.

“There could be differences of opinion when we talk about things. But I do not know about something called a rift between them.

“We have not sat down in a disciplinary hearing to discipline anyone of them for doing things that are unbecoming against each other so I really do not know why.

“If Mr Mangoma did raise that, I look forward to a situation where I would ask him why he has made those statements.”

Source : New Zimbabwe