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LOVEMORE Madhuku’s opposition National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) will not be part of the envisioned grand coalition proposed by MDC-T faction leader Tendai Biti, a party spokesman has said.

NCA spokesperson Madock Chivasa told NewZimbabwe.com Tuesday his party had its own aspirations and would not subordinate them to other people’s ambitious ideas.

He said it would be an insult to the fledgling party if anyone attempted to co-opt into his own project.

Biti has not hidden his ambitions to form the envisioned United Democratic Party he hopes would finally break Zanu PF’s lengthy stranglehold on power.

The MDC-T secretary general also wants civil society to rally support behind his ambitious project which he intends to give a totally different identity from the MDC-T.

It has emerged Welshman Ncube’s MDC, which was routed into near extinction in the July 2013 elections, is among those that have fallen for the idea.

MDC99 loyalists, who were ditched by their leader Job Sikhala on his return to the mainstream MDC, have also expressed interest to join forces with Biti.

But not to be hoodwinked is the newly formed NCA which still wants its identity.

“As NCA, we are not part of any coalition arrangement,” said Chivasa Tuesday, “Our mandate from the previous congress is to recruit members and organise for the first congress of the party.

“Also it’s clear that we have a serious ideological difference with some people in the coalition. They are responsible for bringing a Zanu PF constitution to Zimbabwe.”

Chivasa said they have not yet been approached with the proposal.

“Such approach from any faction of the MDC would be an insult to us,” he said.

“We are now building a serious opposition to unseat Zanu PF and we don’t sit in meetings with treacherous people. We respect them as representatives of another opposition party and we will compete with them in elections like any other party.”

Chivasa said his party has not yet forgotten how the MDC-T factions chose to ignore their pleas when they (NCA)were still a civic movement fighting against government control on the writing of a new charter.

“We don’t recognise the new Constitution that entrenches Zanu PF dictatorship,” he said.

Biti recently broke away from the MDC-T, taking with him, a flock of party loyalists who were allegedly disillusioned with Tsvangirai’s continued leadership.

Source : New Zimbabwe