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BY the time the ruling ZANU-PF is done with its purge of all elements associated with former vice president Joice Mujuru, who was ousted beginning of this year for allegedly plotting against President Robert Mugabe, the revolutionary movement will be left with only those members who are conformists.

Members who are compliant with the wishes of the leadership do not question and certainly do not try to chart new avenues of growth and delivery, analysts have said.

Mujuru who had been the party’s vice president since 2004 and had been second in command to President Mugabe in government as well since the same time upset the wagon when she was suspected of trying to forge an alternative leadership within the ruling party, it is alleged.

Mujuru was accused of hobnobbing with representatives of some western countries who were keen on regime change.

Although they have categorically denied it, western countries including Britain, the United States and their allies have for long been accused of pushing a regime change agenda in Zimbabwe, and were said to have sponsored the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to that end.

And when the MDC project failed, allegations were that, representatives of western countries had then targeted moderate members within ZANU-PF through whom they wished to effect leadership change in the country.

Within that framework, Mujuru was accused of being the pawn that would be used to oust President Mugabe.

As more and more details were pieced together of allegations of western monies circulating in order to buy votes and tip power in favour of Mujuru, that, compounded with the way Mujuru support was swelling on the ground amongst the grassroots, the hardliners of the party decided she had to be stopped and her gains reversed. Where she was allegedly going – a direction gly towards reform – was intolerable it was decided.

It was then that a tide to purge any reformists ensued and like an unstoppable Tsunami goes on to date.

Scores of party cadres have lost their party and government positions since September last year. A few have so far even been ousted from the party for backing a reformist horse, something which is anathema to the revolutionary movement.

Ongoing purges, when done, threaten to split the party into almost two equal parties, although others suggest that there is even a third force somewhere in there.

As the faction-torn party hurtles on towards 2018 elections, only those who toe the line and want to preserve the status quo till goodness knows when will be in the party.

“Come 2018, ZANU-PF will be a monolithic structure,” said Alois Masepe, political analyst. “The guys who are remaining there are conformists and the cleansing of the party of all reformists will continue until none is left.”

According to Masepe in the cleansing that prevails currently there is no room for conversion.

“They want a complete cleansing and one cannot just convert because converts cannot be trusted. All gammatoxbhora musango elements will be rid of,” Masepe said.

Rashweat Mukundu, another political analyst, concurs.

“ZANU-PF remains a party structured within the liberation movement mindset with little if any internal democracy to facilitate an orderly change of leadership or open party to wider political debates,” Mukundu said.

He added, “in this regard any members who show any inclination towards independent thinking outside the main stream party line are kicked out or harrased.”

With only three years to go before the next elections, Zimbabwe is likely to see more of the same from ZANU-PF.

Source : Financial Gazette