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On Tuesday President Mugabe castigated people whose simplistic thinking has led them into believing the seductive but false promises dangled by the Western powers. These are the same people that have been Nicodemously holding midnight meetings with ambassadors of hostile nations promising them Zimbabwe on a platter in a so-called post-Mugabe Era.

Instead of doing the honourable thing by apologising or even resigning from their lofty offices when their duplicity was revealed, these people instead set out to blatantly fund and front a lobby in a bid to subvert President Mugabe despite the fact that he received a resounding mandate from millions of Zimbabweans only last year.

The regime change agents fronted by Vice President Joice Mujuru forgot that those same offices whose influence and power they were abusing came from the people and the President.

They never learnt that positions do not make people rather it is people who should grow to meet the demands of the position. In the same way they never stopped to ponder on the magical elixirs that their snake charmer allies were dangling before their power-hungry and greedy eyes.

How many countries in Africa are purportedly in good books with the Americans and their Western allies?

How many of these countries have managed to become developed nations on the back of the patronage of those neo-colonialists? The answer is simple none.

The reason for that is also comically simple. The Americans are not out to do anything for anyone. All their policies are informed by the optimal need to look out for number one.

There is no way that they would hand anyone anything on a platter, unless they are taking a whole banquet in return.

The bottom line is that a nation must develop itself and not imagine that some outsider is going to bring a magical solution to our problems.

This now deposed faction was clearly willing to sacrifice the whole country by reversing the land reform programme in exchange for 30 pieces of silver in their individual pockets. This criminal betrayal cannot be allowed to happen.

We have suffered to make land reform a reality.

We cannot give up just as we have put behind us years of deprivation and much suffering caused by illegal sanctions imposed by those same countries pretending that they will become our new best friends forever once we effectively cede our sovereignty to them.

We openly acknowledge that there is still much that needs to be done to ensure that all land is productively used, that multiple farm owners are dealt with and that those whites who have identified themselves as nothing but Zimbabweans be also accorded a share. We also acknowledge that our economy needs the dedicated attention of our leaders.

But it is equally undeniable that much progress has been made and there should not even be the suspicion that the land reform programme will be reversed back to a situation whereby a few racist white farmers control our country again, claiming illegal ownership buttressed by partial international opinion.

Thankfully this group has been checkmated.

But we must remain vigilant against any other wolves in sheep’s clothing who may still be lurking within the corridors of power and pretending to be singing the anthem of empowerment when deep inside they are only waiting for the opportunity to betray the nation.

Source : The Herald