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NORWAY has said it is deeply concerned with the delays by government to harmonize laws with the new constitution a situation Oslo says is responsible for the continued harassment of human rights activists by state actors.

The new constitution, which Zimbabwe adopted one and a half years ago, guarantees freedoms of assembly and association.

The new supreme law of the land also gives citizens right to protest, petition or litigate government against political, social and economic imbalances.

But because the government is yet to harmonize the laws with the new constitution citizens are not enjoying these fundamental rights.

Speaking at the official launch of a book which recognizes women rights activists in Harare Friday, Royal Norwegian embassy counsellor Ms Inger Tveit said delays in the re-alignment of the laws with the new constitution were promoting human rights violations.

“We are in a situation where we have a very wonderful constitution in this country, and we have celebrated that in many ways.

“But there is a problem that we all know. There are laws to align and there are strategies to develop and first and foremost there are some implementations and practices to change,” she said.

The Norwegian diplomat said government should protect human rights defenders and stop harassing them.

“It is important to remember though that the state does not need to agree with the human rights defenders but they are obliged to accept their rights and to protect them,” she aised.

It came out at the same event that nearly 1400 women rights activists were arrested in the past 24 months for insisting on their rights.

Source : New Zimbabwe