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Internationally acclaimed mbira queen Ambuya Stella Chiweshe has revealed that she always misses her “happy people” back home every time she is abroad. The mbira sensation, who is currently in Zimbabwe, was perfoming at the Carnival Cultural Fiesta held at Pakare Paye on Tuesday night.

Ambuya Chiweshe who permanently resides in Berlin, Germany, spends most of her time there but carries regular visits home because of nostalgia.

“When one is in Germany, you rarely come across the jovial African people who are here back home.

“These are the people who I long to be with and whenever I am back in Zimbabwe I even make it a point that I actually go to the crowded places so that I can really be with the people.

“It may not mean much to people but when you are always surrounded by non-Africans you really feel the need to be with your own kind,” she said.

The “Chava Chimurenga” singer also said her husband, Reich, facilitates her visits back home because he feels she may lose touch with her true “Africanness” by spending most of her time in Europe.

“My husband is very supportive and from the very onset he is the one who facilitated some of my first recordings.

“Even now he takes it upon himself to see that I regularly come home so that I do not lose touch with my roots,” she said.

Mbuya Chiweshe dazzled mbira lovers with a number of old hits as well as new ones with one “Gumbo Ribodzi” instantly stealing the hearts of many.

The mbira queen however said she did not have a promoter here in Zimbabwe which was affecting her performances as she had to line up shows for herself.

“One problem I am currently facing is that every time I come home, I usually do not have a promoter so at times I just end up doing a few shows here and there but it would be very nice if I come here with a programme already in place for my shows,” she said.

Ambuya Chiweshe performed with the backing of her band Chivanhu which is based here in Zimbabwe and is mobilised every time she is home.

Meanwhile, superstar Oliver Mtukudzi gave a very solid act when he did a solo performance to carnival enthusiasts who had thronged Pakare Paye on the same night. The Blacks Spirits front-man belted out “Munondipasa Manyemwe” and thanked the authorities as well as the patrons for bringing the carnival to Norton and making the night enjoyable,

“I thank you all for this initiative and I believe you have also noticed our efforts to make Norton leave a mark on the tourism map.

“I hope you will not only be able to come back but also tell others what you have seen here in Norton as well as in Zimbabwe,” said the superstar.

Other performances came from mbira ensembles Mbira DzeNharira as well as youthful group Were. There was a guest appearance from a Namibian traditional dance group.

The event was graced by Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa, ZTA chief executive Karikoga Kaseke and a number of other celebrated personalities including the new carnival queen, Gamuchirai Kujeke.

Source : The Herald