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They have been called all kinds of names from “wild” to “party animals” but one of the girls who was at the “nude party” recently has opened up, saying they are just normal kids trying to have fun.

The girl who is turning 18 this year and is preparing for her Aanced Level examinations, said she had been invited to a friend’s birthday party when she and 27 others were nabbed by police in Westgate where it was alleged that they had stripped down to their panties.

But she said they were not completely nude and it was just a pool party.

“This was my first time to attend a party at this particular house,” she said.

“The boys bought the alcohol and meat. Last year I attended about six parties but they were all at different houses though they were all in Westgate Area D.”

And what could make parents worried is the fact that the parties are being held every Friday.

“Normally on Fridays we finish school in the morning so we then go for the party during the day and go home at sunset,” she said.

“People will be drinking and smoking and of course some will be having sex.”

She added: “Normally it’s strictly school kids but last year when the parties were held in Goonswagg in Westgate even older people would attend.”

She said she does not know the owners of the houses at which the parties were held as it was the boys who organise venues.

Source : Zimbabwe Standard