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Notorious musician Jacob Moyana’s recent City Sports Bar gig ended up being a nude show.

A video circulating on social media networks shows a lady who exposes her uncovered rear while the musician was playing his controversial song “Munotidako”.

Asked if the lady was his dancer, Moyana said she was just a fan who came on stage but they told her off after her immoral antics.

“She came on stage to dance and we thought she was just another dancer from the crowd. We allow our fans to dance on stage like any other local musician. I was surprised to see that she stripped and showed people her naked back before we told her to go off the stage,” said Moyana.

Contrary to what Moyana said the woman did her dance almost about three times without being disturbed.

The woman would wait for the musician to sing the “Munotidako” chorus before she bent, with her back to the crowd, and let her short dress go up to the waist,

Venue owner Biggie Chinoperekwei professed ignorance on the matter before demanding to see the video first before he makes a comment.

“I was not at the show and I have not heard about the incident. I think there is need for me to see the video before I make any comment,” said Chinoperekwei.

Chinoperekwei is one of the promoters who decided to take Moyana on board after the public rejected his music.

Moyana is not new to controversy as his song was received with mixed feeling.

Recently Star FM fans refused to have his music played on the station saying it was not proper for public consumption.

Source : The Herald