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Dream finally came true for young and aspiring sculptor Option Nyahunzvi who managed to host his first solo exhibition titled “Civilised Debauchery” at KooVha Creative Hub in Newlands last week.

The artist who is ecstatic of his success said he hopes to do more in the near future.

“I’m so excited to have my own exhibition which was my greatest desire. I hope to produce more works and participate in collaborative shows with other young artists such as Terrence Musekiwa.

“I hope that fellow Zimbabweans will learn to appreciate art through seeing what I have done. It is not an easy thing to do considering my age and what other gurus in the industry are doing,” he said.

Nyahunzvi had about 20 pieces on display and the majority of them focus on the impact of immorality.

“Most of my pieces are portraying too much indulgence in pleasures, usually considered immoral especially sexual activities and excessive drinking,” he said.

Some of the titles are “Extempo”, “Twisted”, “Eternal”, “Maria” and “Who is more powerful”.

The colourful image “Eternal” describes a girl who has been betrayed in a relationship and is suffering eternally.

Nyahunzvi is one of the successful young men among established and finest artists like Berry Bickle, Masimba Hwati, Wallen Mapondera, Kufa Makwavarara and Misheck Masamvu.

Born and bred in Rusape, Nyahunzvi realised his gift in arts when he was still in primary school.

He then took painting seriously in 2011 when he joined School of Visual Art and Design.

The 22-year-old has held few exhibitions at places like the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Francaise Alliance and Gallery Delta.

His paintings are drawn from life experiences and he does not seem to struggle to create them.

“My themes are drawn from life situations. If it is just a painting, I don’t take much time unless it is a print maker.

“I have a painting called “Chasara Kufa” which portrays a man in a critical condition, hopeless because his friends and relatives deserted him because he is HIV positive,” he said.

He aims to scale the heights of Masamvu and Mapondera.

Source : The Herald