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I am sure by now most of you have seen the video that has gone viral of the unfortunate and barbaric treatment meted out to some city lass in the downtown area ruled by hwindis who seem to believe that they are a law unto themselves.

Such behaviour in this day and age only speaks volumes of the character of individuals that dominate the public transport sector which despite the public outrage against their modus operandi remain unchecked and seem to get away with it all the time.

It is encouraging to note that the police have stepped in as well as women’s empowerment and human rights activists have added their voices to the disgust.

We hope that the culprits will be brought to book and more importantly the brothers are told where to get off the bus. It should not be up to them to decide who dresses what and to what lengths. It’s a free democracy and what those hoodlums did was wrong and should not be condoned at all.

They should be told: Stop it!

One can imagine what would happen if these doobries were allowed anywhere near the usual place and are privy to those that are entering and leaving. It is not little wonder that their papers do not PERMIT them to cruise our way otherwise it would be men only as those of the fairer sex who aid the waters to flow will be extinct so to speak for fear of being harassed.

Following the raging debate over the social media there is no doubt that more action will be taken and this calls to question the presence of the police in the city.

Do we still have patrols going around the city to quell any potential disturbances or they are just equipped to deal with the ever truant kombi drivers and their crews? Every citizen is entitled to wear whatever outfit they choose for as long as it is decent enough for public appearances and this does not require concurrence of these street thugs.

Judging from what the young lady was wearing, we do not in any way find it provocative to invite the treatment that she got and the other onlookers failed her dismally as they failed to protect her from the marauding hwindis. She certainly deserved better.

Miss Zim please

We have said it before and nobody bothered to listen. Grooming and deportment are critical factors for success and it seems that it has proved costly for our Miss World aspirant that nobody bothered to look at her at the recent contest held in London.

Her make-up team failed her and she was left smarting in dark smokey eyes because she did not exude the appeal and desire that the judges were looking for.

There is no doubt that those who aspire to go into unchartered waters should closely consult those that have been there before if only for the benefit of posterity.

We have nothing personal against the fair lady but she put the image of the country at risk as she represented all of us at such a glamorous event without tying her shoe laces! Clearly her aisers could have done better and we wouldn’t mind offering our free services to help her conquer the world.

It leaves a lot of homework for the local modelling industry to ensure that future aspirants are well groomed otherwise we might as well take a break.

Bonded by coins

There is a lot of bonding taking place around the country especially at this time when the festive spirit has reached fever pitch what with this week’s introduction of Bond Coins that the authorities (financial and political) believe will help normalise pricing trends.

Not that we expect very much change in prices at the usual place as most of us really would not be bothered by the loose coins that tend to betray our self worth as we believe that more recognition should be given to our dollars and not sense! The resentment that certain quarters were causing justifiably or otherwise must have been driven by the rumour mill that the new broom at the apex bank was trying to return the dreaded Zimdollar that most of the regulars would not even want to fathom.

I could not help overhearing these two brothers postulating that if the coins are called bond coins, does it follow that should they decide to introduce notes they would be called bond paper?

And if one has 10 grand, would it be called a ream?

Crazy Zimbos they never cease to amaze me.

We are just hoping that no one among us will come carrying a truckload of these coins and expect us to cheer them as they continue to pollute the peaceful imbibing environment with the clinker of these coins. Am sure the barman wouldn’t mind hey, but the labour in counting them at the end of the night might force him to think twice.

Till next week, bottoms up!

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Source : The Herald