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IT is invisible yet so powerful, you don’t see it or touch it, but you know it when it’s there. It is so intertwined with God’s favour and anointing. It’s the number one thing that differentiates all of us and that thing is God’s blessing.

Once it’s upon you, it changes your life’s course.

The blessing of the Lord is his divine empowerment for you to succeed in life. Throughout the Bible men, women, children and kings craved and sought this one thing — the blessing of the Lord. Esau and Jacob contended for it, Israel — God’s people also longed for the blessing of God.

It empowers you to succeed.

Have you been thinking and wondering that the year is almost ending and you have not achieved any of your goals?

Year after year things have not been working out?

Why my things are always slow, stagnant and seem heading for failure at work and even in my family?

Be of good courage, this is your article — let the blessing of the Lord which adds no sorrow, but breaks and reverses every curse, rest upon your life.

We see in the Book of Numbers 22 and 23 how Balak hired Balaam to curse Israel for him.

He paid him some money.

Everything was set and arranged. However, on the very day and minute to speak the curse on God’s people Israel, something happened! Instead of saying Israel you are cursed, Balaam found himself blessing Israel and asking ‘How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursedor how shall I defy, whom the Lord hath not defied?’ Numbers 23:8 for God had said to him, “thou shalt not curse the people for they are blessed” (Numbers 22:12.)

Have you been told that you will die poor and amount to nothing in life? Or told Christmas ino haudyi ? (You will not enjoy this coming Christmas) I have a good word for you — the blessing of the Lord breaks and destroys curses and all acts of the enemy.

Or you could be saying “Bishop, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, bad luck follows me everywhere I go at work, marriage and even business — I don’t know what to do!” You bought bananas to sell but they are rotting in your house no one is buying. You went across the border but still nothing has changed in your life. You toil much and gain little.

Friend the blessing of the Lord which I’m preaching to you today is too powerful for any curse, charm or bad-luck. Yes the enemy will test you and send things against you but it will not prosper. Balak tried it and hired Balaam to curse God’s people but it could not work. Instead of cursing, his mouth involuntarily began to bless Israel.

God is powerful!

But what really entails blessing? Is it cars, houses, clothes or businesses? When you have milk it doesn’t mean you have or own the cow that produces the milk.

So is it with blessing the fact that one has products of blessing does not mean they have the blessing.

Many of God’s children have been running after the milk of the cow neglecting the value of the cow itself. Don’t just desire manifestations of success, No — go for the real thing. Go for the very thing that causes things to happen the thing that causes families to flourish, marriages to stay g, health, peace and joy to abound — it is the blessing of the Lord. All tangible things in life come and go.

Money comes and go, but as long as the blessing of the Lord is upon your life it will cause you to succeed and move on in life.

In the Bible, Job lost all he had including children, but because of the blessing of God upon his life the man ended up two times more successful than he was before! (Job 1 and 42)

O Hallelujah, I like that.

Jacob also when he left his mother’s house had nothing but returned with a lot of wealth from Laban.

Take note, however that, blessing is not money.

There are times when money can’t give you what you want times when money can’t buy joy, peace, protection and life.

Such was the case when Jacob was to meet his angry brother Esau, who was seeking revenge.

Jacob wrestled all-night with an angel of the Lord and told him I cannot let you go until you bless me! Indeed he was blessed and went on to meet his brother Esau who suddenly changed — loved him and hugged him instead.

O this is wonderful!

The blessing is too powerful that it can turn your enemies into your friends in a moment.

The very people planning to destroy you and make you suffer can be turned into your supporters and friends by God’s blessing.

In the fight with the angel for the blessing, Jacob was dislocated on the hip and left with a limp. My friend it doesn’t matter what obstacle you encounter when you are after a goal in life — limb your way into your victory. Even if right now your marriage is frustrating finances not measuring up, health is fast deteriorating? Here is a tip — don’t give up, fight and limb your way into God’s blessing. It reverses situations.

Remember the blessing or curses are all executed by the mouth.

They are just words — powerful words that follow your life wherever you go and whatever you do. This day I declare and decree God’s blessing over your life, family, job, children, marriage, health and in all you shall send you hand on. The very blessing that reverses failure, sickness, stagnation and all curses that follow the bloodline rest upon you in Jesus name. For with God all things are possible, Mark 10:27.

Source : The Herald