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What an overwhelming response to last week’s column devoted to NAMA with most feedback indicating that our sentiments are shared by many people.

So we hope the 2016 edition will be much better, if they care to listen to us mere mortals.

Digitalisation is coming and although there are indications that analogue will remain with us till December 2015 as the phasing out will be gradual, there is no denying that change is here.

But it is important that digitalisation on its own will not solve all our local production woes.

There are things like shoddy scripting, awful acting, laughable sets and inappropriate wardrobe to mention just a few which will only be further highlighted by the improved image quality.

While we do not need to reinvent the wheel, more needs to be done to improve programme quality on ZTV, our national broadcaster.

Take for instance, YGT – one of the children’s shows, which has educational and entertainment content. It started on a good note with a young people to young people approach. But somehow they seem to have lost the plot as the age limit is stretched ever upwards at the expense of children.

Another live broadcast is set for this Saturday from Victoria Falls for the President’s birthday bash.

ZTV has been beaming national music galas with consistency and nothing should be taken away from them in that regard. However, it should be mentioned that ZBC needs to take a leaf from its compatriots in countries like South Africa, India and the United States who are investing time and effort in broadcasting programmes that are similar to the national galas that Zimbabwe hosts.

Their picture and sound quality are something out of this world and a lot of work goes towards making sure that those at home enjoy without grumbling over the transmission that ensures that they receive the right kind of programming they deserve in their homes.

Although the use of green screens is cost-effective, especially for cash-strapped corporations, there is however the need for the local broadcaster to think outside the box.

There is a time when the presenters, reporters and producers should go out into the public and capture real issues on the ground rather than relying on interviews which are conducted over the green screen background.

In South Africa, SABC does things in a way that leaves us green with envy because they know how to enliven their screenings. We are not saying local is not lekker, but we are simply saying here is that ZBC should assume a certain level of professionalism, especially when it comes to broadcasting for the nation. It is a fact that the institution is currently ham- strung financially, but they are doing their best in terms of making their presence felt inasfar as broadcasting is concerned. After all, they have direct fiscus support in the form of the tax which we pay them in the name of listener’s and viewer’s licences. Now that the big sharks who ended up channelling it for their own personal gain are out of the game, let us begin to see a bit more return for our money. On to DStv, Telemundo has launched “The Impostor”, the first title from the channel’s exciting 2015 programming slate that has already proven to be a notable hit with audiences in the US. It premiegravered yesterday at 6pm CAT. This telenovela brings a tale of eternal love challenged by family secrets, betrayal and deception.

“The Impostor” stars Lisette Morelos (Aurora) as Blanca Guerrero, an attractive waitress in a Mexican resort town who has an extraordinary talent to mimic other people. Shot on location in Mexico, including the spectacular beaches of Acapulco, the telenovela also stars a Telemundo newcomer, Sebastian Zurita, as the male lead with his real-life mother Christian Bach playing the main antagonist.

Back to Africa, Big Brother Mzansi’s Mandla and Lexi are ready to turn up the heat on DStv’s Mzansi Magic with their debut of their brand new reality show. Fans of the couple, who fell in love on the set of Big Brother Mzansi 2014, will now be able to witness the next stage in what is unquestionably the most talked-about and intimate relationship that the reality show has produced. Mandla Hlatshwayo (24) walked away with one million rand when he won Big Brother Mzansi while a former call centre agent based in Cape Town, 25-year-old Lexi van Niekerk (25), is now chasing her dream of becoming an actress in the competitive city of Johannesburg.

Into this mix of entertainment industry hustle comes the family and friends of both Mandla and Lexi – along with the drama, highs, lows, dreams, romance, fame and desires of the couple who caused a stir with their displays of desire whilst in the house together.

The five part series, “Mandla and Lexi”, is the very first spin-off reality show from the Big Brother Mzansi reality show. Where is Polikem?

Elikem Kumordzi and Pokello Nare – dubbed Africa’s finest couple – are working on a reality show entitled, “Our World After”‘.

An excited Pokello, who apparently could not wait to share the good news with the general public, made the announcement via her Twitter account last week, accompanied with a collage photo of the diary session.

The TV series is set to make its debut on TV screens soon according to her, and will see both of them discussing their experiences on the TV show as they take fans into their personal lives.

Let us see what happens. Till next week enjoy the silver screen.

Source : The Herald