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Zimpost Causeway Post Office, a Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) vehicle licensing agent, lost $144 000 to a former licensing officer in fraudulent car licensing deals.

Simbarashe Kapuya (30) of number 1396 Cosmos Street in Westgate, denied the allegations when he appeared before Harare Regional Magistrate Ms Sandra Mpindu, charged with 753 counts of fraud.

Kapuya is expected back in court on May 27 for continuation of trial.

According to the State, Kapuya’s duties included vehicle licensing and receiving cash payments from clients.

Prosecutor Ms Ressy Nyamombe alleged that Kapuya would read a warning of confidential information and thereafter enter the username followed by his password before logging into the system.

He allegedly did so in every transaction he made.

The court heard that Kapuya allegedly undercharged motor vehicles which owed Zinara a total of $144 442 in licence fees arrears and only charged $20 600 through manipulation of the vehicle licensing system.

It is alleged that last year Zinara carried out an audit and discovered that the arrears and penalties of vehicles already in the system were transferred to other vehicles to appear as new entries and as a result the new vehicle would inherit the old vehicle’s arrears.

He would allegedly reintroduce the original vehicle into the system thus appearing as new vehicles without arrears.

It is the state’s case that investigations carried out show that all registration plates and other vehicle information created by Kapuya did not appear anywhere in the Central Vehicle Registry data base.

The case was reported to the police leading to Kapuya’s arrest.

Source : The Herald