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Major E, Booker T and Decibel were among the crop of youthful musicians that made a mark at the turn of the millennium.

Through their exceptional chants and lyrics, the musicians stole the hearts of youths with some good tracks. Now, many years down the line, the trio has decided to join forces on a new single titled “Ziva”.

The trio call their merger First Klass Family and the single shows that the United Kingdom-based musicians are still proficient when it comes to handling the microphone.

In a telephone interview with The Herald Entertainment, Major E, real name Ephraim Mushore, said the release comes after numerous requests from Zimbabwean fans.

The track already has a video that is causing a storm on social networks.

“It is one of our tracks that we thought we should bring out because a huge number of our fans back home in Zimbabwe are really desperate to hear our new music, so we came together as First Klass Family and decided to give them something new.

“Honestly speaking, a lot of fans are on our case night and day asking for new tunes from us,” he said.

Major E shed some light about the new “Ziva” single which was produced by Decibel, whose real name is Daniel Mazhindu.

“The track is a celebration of love as a man is trying to show some appreciation for his beloved woman through song.

“He admits to have found a soul mate and is searching no more as he has come from ‘not knowing how sweet love could ever be’ to ‘telling the world how sweet love can truly be’ hence the lyrics ‘ndaisaziva kunaka kwerudo to ndaziva kunaka kunoita rudo’,” narrated Major E.

“He has a story to tell the world that he has found the right connection which was the missing fraction to his loving equation and that satisfaction is now a mutual reaction,” he said.

Major E said he regularly performs various shows with close friend Booker T, but he is currently at university.

Major E and Booker T are well known in the Zimbabwean reggae circles as they have previously released hits after hits in the 1990s.

They topped music charts with the famous “Country Boy” hit song they did with Innocent Utsiwegota.

Decibel, who also produced the new offering is well known for hit songs “Madhara”, “Chido” and “Nakai” as they were national anthems back in the day.

Source : The Herald