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“Old Skool ReUnion”, a monthly gig that features Zimbabwe’s hottest DJs is set to be launched at the Spillway Pub and Restaurant tomorrow.

The summer gig aptly called “Throw Back Saturdays” will explore old school music from R’n’B, hip-hop and soul music from years gone by to the freshest classics all in the mix. The sessions will be held every month-end at the lakeside resort.

Headlining the gigs will be veteran turntable stars in the likes of United Kingdom- based DJ Kelvin “Kicking Soul Supreme” Sifelani also known as Kedza, Otis “The Flow” Fraser and Kimble “Double K” Rogers as well as DJ Storm.

In what appears to be a triple treat on the decks, The Soul Surpreme will be holding it down just the way music lovers like.

The fun doesn’t end there as The Flow is expected to set the bar high at the gig with his amazing mixes.

It is always a joy to listen to The Flow especially when he throws down some serious mixes be it R’n’B, hip-hop, house or dancehall.

Like his stage name suggests, music literally flows like water downstream and every track is a hit. He did his thing at the Channel O Party Zone at last year’s Big Brother — The Chase.

Also not to be outdone is Double K who hosts “The Rush” programme on ZiFM Stereo. Double K is also another hot property on the decks as he knows how to switch from one genre to the other. He is also another mixmaster whose skill on the decks is amazing.

Tawanda Mbawara of Cool Running Family, the organisers of the gigs said “Throw Back Saturdays” are set to bring together new as well as old skool lovers.

“We are excited about this gig and we will be hosting different DJ’s who will spice up the summer parties. Music lovers will be pleased to know that Kelvin, Otis and Kimble will open up the gigs this Saturday and if you love cool vibes this is a must-attend gig,” he said.

Source : The Herald