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All is now in motion for an exhibition with a difference set for Saturday at Village Unhu to showcase a piece “Only the Truth” by painter Epheas Maposa. What makes the exhibition unique is that the event will also feature musical performances as well as dances from renowned artists.

Organiser of the exhibition and interpreter for “Only the Truth” Ricklda Derera said the event will be marked by performances from artists Progress Chipfumo, Josh Meck and others.

“To make the exhibition different from other previous events, we have invited musicians Progress Chipfumo and Josh Meck as well as DJ Quash and a dance group to entertain art lovers after they have quenched their thirst for paintings,” said Derera.

The exhibition is going to feature the main act “Only the Truth” a piece by Maposa as well as other pieces by different resident artists from Village Unhu in Greendale where the exhibition is scheduled to take place.

“There are a number of resident artists at Village Unhu and these will also showcase their pieces but the main act of the day is “Only the Truth”.

“The main piece will be presented and have an interpreter explaining the hidden messages behind it as every art piece usually has a story to tell but we do not want art lovers to be guessing the message behind ‘Only the Truth’ thus the presence of the interpreter,” he explained. Maposa who has previously exhibited at various forums has been in the sector for more than 10 years and believes paintings should be meaningful to the lives of people and not just to be there for the beauty of it.

“Most paintings we have today are so abstract that people really have nothing to deduce from them but I am bringing out a new angle by which pieces are to be pregnant with meaning and the piece I am to exhibit has a huge story behind it and art lovers should not miss this event,” said Maposa.

Source : The Herald