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Fans broke into an impromptu song that can roughly be titled “Matadza Kuronga”, as they registered their displeasure at the way the organisers of the much hyped Green Concert handled their event at 7Arts Theatre in Avondale on Friday.It was around midnight and everything was in disarray on and off the stage as the concert, which was supposed to be the event of the week in Harare, apparently melted into a historic flop.

On stage, master of ceremonies Prominence Makaza and company unsuccessfully tried to assure the fans that supposed top musicians of the night, Ringo Madlingozi and Kunle Ayo, would come for their slots while supporting acts continued to roll out a string of boring performances.

Off the stage, fans grew impatient as it gradually became clear that the promised acts were nowhere near the venue.

Despite an assurance that the other international act, Winnie Khumalo, was on her way from the airport, some fans became restless and began singing, castigating the promoters.

“Matadza kuronga, matadza basa, hamuna kurongeka,” a section of fans chanted.

Even when Khumalo finally took to the stage, fans were not amused as most of them were already bored. Others had already left the venue in protest.

The concert, which was poorly attended, was a far cry from what the organisers had promised.

Khumalo performed for a disappointed handful of fans.

Ringo did not turn up, neither did Kunle Ayo.

Local acts could not do much to save the night as anticipations of a memorable event were high. However, the local artistes had their good moments at the early stages of the show.

Comedian Uncle Ritchie cracked various jokes and captivated the few people that were in the venue during his performance.

Upcoming musician Wenslas Mupostori showcased his vocal prowess as he belted out good gospel songs, but he could not excite the fans with his unknown songs.

BaShupi, who was not initially on the programme of the night, got a slot and tried to breathe life into the dull concert. He did well with his song “Godo” that saw fans dancing and singing along. It was one of the few highlights of the concert.

Some songs and dances from Botswana’s Amantle also brought better moments to the event.

Derek Mpofu, who was the main organiser of the event, was also one of the performers. He came on stage with his smartly-dressed outfit and belted out his hits.

Gospel musician Esther Mukazika was part of Mpofu’s set and she showcased her talent.

The peak of Mpofu’s performance was when he called Deputy Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Monica Mutsvangwa to the stage as he performed his song “Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe”.

Mutsvangwa was mesmerised as the musician passionately did the song, referring to the deputy minister as a representation of “the girl Zimbabwe”.

Mutsvangwa and Harare Provincial Affairs Minister Mirriam Chikukwa later handed certificates of appreciation to sponsors of the Green Concert.

The concert could have been a historic event if the promised artistes had performed because it was well sponsored. However, it seemed the organisers made many pre-concert blunders, including obtaining clearance of the show from the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe at the eleventh hour and booking late flights for the performers.

In a statement yesterday, Mpofu admitted they had erred in their planning and announced that Ringo and Kunle’s flights were cancelled. He said Khumalo’s late arrival was actually “a miracle” because she had also been affected by the change of flight schedules.

“Our airline (that had been booked for artistes) faced glitches and delayed our 4pm flight to 6pm and then cancelled indefinitely. We thank our artiste handlers who made sure at least one artiste Winnie Khumalo flew solo to perform,” noted Mpofu.

“The artistes are disappointed, I know you are all disappointed but I am the most disappointed.

“I do feel that any criticism that will come from you shall be deserved. Maybe there are things I could have done better.”

The concert was meant to raise awareness on climate and the environment.

Environment, Water and Climate Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who was the guest of honour, thanked people that came to the event and urged them to keep the environment clean. He also spoke about the issue of vendors that have flooded the city centre.

“We have a responsibility to care for each other.

“Let us keep our environment clean. It is wrong for you to sell your wares everywhere including in front of shops. Keeping a clean environment is our collective business,” said Kasukuwere.

Mpofu promised to organise another concert top make up for the flop.

Source : The Herald