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Our school, our country and our culture all define our identity. We agree with Bill Gates, when he said: “What’s amazing is, if young people understood how doing well in school makes the rest of their life so much interesting, they would be more motivated. It’s so far away in time that they can’t appreciate what it means for their whole life”.

Being an institution that grooms modern youth (socially and academically) in a community based on a variety of social and religious backgrounds, our school is the biggest thing that ever happened.

It is called George Emmanuel College and has so far moulded us to be the cherished teenagers that we are.

Registered, with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, it remains a school that we take pride in.

Apart from educating us, the school thrives to revive and motivate us in a classic way and ensures that we have prepared for a better future.

Academic success is incredibly important at George Emmanuel College High School, as our teachers do not measure success through extra curricula activities alone but put much emphasis on what we became and achieved.

Our school’s approach is unique and that makes it second to none in everything we do.

They use a psychological approach in identifying individual weaknesses. Our programmes are tailor-made to suit individual needs, identifying areas of weakness and providing special remedial action. Our teacher pupil ratio is minimal.

We do not have supervised study but we use this time for remedial classes where we will be engaging the teachers one on one.

The report, encouragement and support we get from these remedial classes creates an atmosphere where we can develop happily and progress successfully.

Ever since we joined George Emmanuel College High School we have realised that one could enjoy school life while learning on Saturday the whole day, the trend is “suffer now and enjoy later.”

But who would think a school could be like a second home and schoolmates become a second family.

We believe learning is like a relay, it requires more than one person to win the race and if you hand over the stick to the wrong hand, it is bound to fall.

With the highly qualified, motivated teachers the majority being examiners, there is nothing that will stop us from getting As in 2016.

Let us take you to our kitchen where five-star hotel meals are prepared for us daily.

Our motto is “Giving your future a better image” but you find our images are better before we have even gotten to the future.

George Emmanuel’s logo is just different with the three visible and so pronounced words, “Determination, Integrity and Success.” Determination is simply not giving up a quality that makes us achieve anything that seems so difficult.

The Integrity comes with the uniforms that we wear yet we can’t rule out the success that awaits us through the hard work and determination.

The idea of having all subject combination at Aanced Level makes it easier for all pupils who want the best results to acquire Aanced Level places.

Just like other schools, we do sporting activities, but the most fascinating programme for us is the facilitation of universities abroad.

We love our school so much and we are proud that we belong to it. Our school is second to none.

Both writers are Lower Six sciences students and aspire to be Junior Parliamentarians.

Source : The Herald