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The imposition of an 18-year jail term on Pritchard Zimondi who killed his girlfriend Monalisa Chinomona two years ago, was yesterday met with outrage by the victim’s family members who gathered outside the High Court calling for a stiffer penalty.

The family members, who were joined by friends and relatives, caused a stir outside the High Court after the sentence was passed as they protested, saying the courts had been too lenient.

The sentence followed over a year of trial.

So tense was the atmosphere outside the court that Zimondi’s mother and relatives briefly remained inside the court building fearing they could be attacked.

Registrar of the High Court Mr Thembinkosi Msipa had to whisk away Zimondi’s relatives from the courtroom through another exit.

“This is the joke of the year,” fumed Mr Farayi Chinomona, the victim’s father.

“Life goes on from here, but our justice system needs revisiting. It means you can wake up and kill somebody and bask in the glory that you will simply get 10 or 15 years for grisly murder. I will see what to do. God is for everyone.

“I want to tell everyone who cares to listen that they are using Zimondi’s name here,” he said.

Some of Monalisa’s relatives shouted: “We want justice for Monalisa”.

Speaking inside the court yard before she was taken to a secluded place by the family lawyer Mr Norman Mugiya and Mr Msipa, Zimondi’s mother said she was equally going through emotional stress and pain just like the victim’s family.

She said the only difference was that they lost their beloved one through her son’s grisly act, while her son was still alive and going to jail.

“We tried as a family to meet with the Chinomonas to resolve the matter, but they have not accepted us,” said Zimondi’s mother, who was almost in tears. “I am very sorry for what happened. No sane parents would want their children to commit a crime of this nature. It is very bad and unacceptable.”

Zimondi denied the murder charge when his trial began, but Justice Hlekani Mwayera on Thursday convicted him of murder with constructive intent.

In her judgment, Justice Mwayera noted that the defence case was being entwined as the trial progressed and found copious discrepancies in Zimondi’s testimony.

She also noted that the State witness had been credible and gave consistent testimonies warranting the conviction of Zimondi.

Charges against Zimondi arose in April 2012 in Chitungwiza, when he went to Monalisa’s place and found her alone in her bedroom.

He entered the house unnoticed, headed for the kitchen and armed himself with a kitchen knife which he used to stab Monalisa on the left breast.

Zimondi left the knife stuck on Monalisa’s breast and fled.

Monalisa was later discovered dead by her brother Tanyaradzwa, with several stab wounds and the knife stuck on her breast.

Tanyaradzwa reported the matter to the police, leading to Zimondi’s arrest.

He was found in possession of Monalisa’s pants and bra, the court heard.

Mr Editor Mavuto of the Prosecutor General’s Office appeared for the State.

Source : The Herald