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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has said his deputy and her allies, among them ousted Mashonaland East chairperson, Ray Kaukonde, secretly visited a sangoma and madzibabas in a bid to enhance her chances of taking over power.

Vice president Joice Mujuru has been accused of trying to ilegally topple Mugabe.

Some of her allies – who include cabinet ministers and politburo members – were also said to have cobbled up an assassination plan as a contingency, in the event the veteran leader refused to step down and allow his deputy to take over.

Opening the central committee in Harare Wednesday afternoon, Mugabe said the “idiotic and foolish plans” by Mujuru and her group were doomed to fail, insisting he was not going anywhere and would not be removed illegally either.

The 90-year-old said, in their desperation, the conspirators even engaged spirit mediums and leaders of vapostori sects.

Secret meetings were also held with Zanu PF’s enemies in the dead of the night where promises to fund the project were made by Western nations.

“They were using this Kaukonde,” said Mugabe.

“They went and sought for a traditional healer to enhance their chances get into power.

“They were told to have two creatures one representing a Mugabe and the other representing a Mujuru and were instructed that these creatures must fight and whichever wins, will rule, and if think a Mugabe conquered.”

In addition to asking the sangoma, Mujuru also went spiritual and tried to consult apostolic bishop, Noah Taguta, requesting anointment.

Said the president: “Because I had visited the Marange church and given a gown before the bishop blessed me, she (Mujuru) also demanded to go there and requested that she be blessed as well to enhance her chances of taking over from me.

“But he refused saying it was impossible to do if the sitting president is still alive and in power.”

Mujuru is the patron of an organisation that represents apostolic sects which is headed by Johannes Ndanga.

“It surprises me that, without even asking if you have the capacity and ability to be a leader, you want to take over, to topple the sitting president illegally.

“It’s a pity that money, money, oh money is being used to do this,” said Mugabe.

Mujuru and her group would not be allowed to take over in the manner she was planning.

The vice president could also be on her way out after Mugabe demanded that “congress must correct all the anomalies”.

“This is a time of soul-searching,” he said.

“As leaders in the central committee we must ask ourselves are we still united as we were when we won the election in 2013.

“I know you might be wondering why are we only two (Mugabe and Simon Khaya Moyo) here at the top table, where are others? Power, power, power, they love power such that they cannot wait.

“I am not saying don’t have ambitions, but don’t plot devilish things. Don’t plan to remove me illegally, that we will not happen. If you want any post go for it.

“Even if you want to be a president go for it and if you have people, you win. That’s it.”

Source : New Zimbabwe