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Compliments of the season to all teens around the world from yours truly and the rest of the crew behind the Urban Buzz Reloaded.

We know many of you are up and about, celebrating with friends and family. While you have been busy with that, here is an update on what has been keeping the world of urban teens abuzz.

Big surprise in theatres!

Stek Kinerko in Borrowdale was a hype of activity on Thursday afternoon with more than 100 children converging the theatre to witness launch of a movie “Paddington”.

What was dope about the launch was that it was exclusive to Zimbabwe, meaning in the whole of Africa, Zimbabwe was the first in Africa to show it in theatres.

Many of us know a series of books that we grew up reading Paddington’s aentures but it was great to experience the mega movie premeir that was graced by top officials including the British Ambassador Catriona Laing and Minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services, Professor Jonathan Moyo.

While the professor was accompanied by his nine-year-old daughter, both said they had a fabulous time and agreed the animation was out of this world.

Among the viewers were over 70 orphans and vulnerable children from different homes in Harare who had a time of their lives.

This is certainly a must see this Christmas holiday as it touches on the subject of acceptance, dreaming big and exploring outside your comfort zone. Those are indeed the ingredients that spell aenture!

As usual, we have your back on that scoop as we had our lances on all the action.

Still on the festive note: remember to be good and look out for each other.

There are a number of dangers that are rife among teens and these include alcohol and drug abuse, date rape, car accidents and being lost.

Keep your swag switched on

Source : The Herald