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Renowned fine artist, Thomas Mwasangwale, is on a drive to bring art to the people through painting murals on buildings in Harare. A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface.

Mwasangwale is working with an owner of a building along Rezende Street to put up a mural. The building owner, who came up with the idea is also liaising other building owners around the city for the artist to put colour on city walls.

“We realised that it is not everyone who has time to go to galleries. Most locals are busy with other things and do not realise the importance of art in their lives. This project is dedicated for them so that they do not continue to miss out,” said Mwasagwale.

Mwasangwale said he was targeting buildings at centres of attraction and towers. With the help of other artists, he intends to portray local culture that is diverse and rich.

On the benefits of the projects the talented artist said the art was not limited to beautifying the city but for tourism purposes as well.

“There are talented artists in our country and their capabilities are undermined. Not many people know this and that is why we have foreigners being called in to work on projects like the painting of the famous Matapi flats in Mbare. Art is powerful and that is why you see tourists flocking to Soweto to view painted towers despite the area being named amongst the most dangerous destinations in Africa,” he said.

Mwasangwale was the project manager for the largest stamp mosaic in Africa earning his name in the Guinness book of records. He has also sold 10 painting of leaders like Nelson Mandela, Orprah Winfrey, Martin Luther among others to renowned preacher and author TD Jackes.

He also boasts creating an astounding stage drop for Harare’s top Portuguese restaurant.

“I was born an artist and have done a lot as far as art is concerned. My other passion lies in helping the Zim dancehall movement in South Africa to shoot high quality music videos,” said Mwasangwale who is also a graphic designer.

There are a few murals in Harare including the towering artwork at Matapi flats in Mbare that was done by local and foreign artists during the Harare International Festival of the Arts in 2010. Some buildings in Glen Norah have murals done during the annual Shoko Festival.

Source : The Herald