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The Zimbabwe Staff and Defence colleges are among the best military institutions in Africa, a visiting senior Pakistan military officer has said. Pakistan National Defence University’s Brigadier-General Jamil Masood commended ZSC for its excellency during a tour of the college on Tuesday.

“At the moment, the Zimbabwe Staff College and the National Defence College are the best in Africa and this has been proven by their continued recruiting and training of officers from other countries in the region,” Brig-Gen Masood said.

“We are in the country to exchange ideas with institutions of higher military training in the country so that we learn something from them and they also learn from us.”

Brig-Gen Masood narrated the g bilateral relations between Zimbabwe and Pakistan.

“Our g relations with Zimbabwe date back years ago when we trained Air Force of Zimbabwe officers in our country. We also helped in the establishment of the National Defence College and we have a Directing Staff at the college,” he said.

Source : The Herald