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Sungura group Extra Kwazvose, led by Francis “Slomo” Dhaka, performed before a paltry crowd at one of their worst attended shows this festive season. Thirty people turned up for the show at Nhakiwa Business Centre here over the weekend.

Merrymakers ignored the gig and found other amusements elsewhere.

The show, which started early in the afternoon, saw fans paying as low as US$2 but still the small charge failed to attract the huge crowds.

Slomo, who took over the reigns at the outfit from Jonasi Kasamba, Noel Nyazanda and Obert Gomba two months ago, is finding the going tough.

However, Slomo seemed not bothered as he went on to put on a lively act through his fancy footwork.

He played some of his popular hits such as “Thelma”, “Nhoro”, “Amai vaBonnie” and “Fara Nekwazvose”.

His manager, Darlington Chipanera, blamed the promoter for poor marketing. “I think this is a result of poor marketing and aertising but we used to get reasonable numbers at most of our shows,” said Chipanera.

He denied claims that the split had affected the group.

“There is nothing like that because we used to get the same numbers when these guys were still there so we are not worried about that,” said Chipanera.

Slomo, in earlier interviews, said he was able to move on without the other founding members. “The band has one leader now, which gives us room to move forward. So a lot is expected before the end of the year,” said Franco.

The nimble-footed artiste said he had seen it prudent to lead the group as they were always having problems in making decisions.

“When I left Sulu (Chimbetu) I made it a point that I was weaning myself from other bands to form my own. That is my dream. I want to lead my own band.”

Source : The Herald